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Experience the ultimate venue in Chicago. The magnificent Great Hall at Chicago Union Station is the ideal location for elegant special events, receptions and weddings. Originally designed by famed architect Daniel Burnham (“make no small plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood”) and completed in 1925 by the Graham, Anderson, Probst and White Firm, the Great Hall is considered to be one of the greatest indoor spaces in the United States.

Guests are awed as they enter this 20,000 foot classic Beaux Arts style room which boasts 18 soaring Corinthian columns, terracotta walls, a pink Tennessee marble floor and is crowned with a spectacular five-story, barrel-vaulted, atrium ceiling. Opening onto the Great Hall is the Union Gallery, a beautiful 3,500 square foot room, ideal for VIP receptions, lounges, ceremonies and meetings.


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About Chicago Union Station

Chicago's Union Station was originally designed by the famous architect and urban planner, Daniel Burnham, and illustrates in stone, steel and glass his most famous quote: "Make no small plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood."

Burnham died before work on the massive project began in 1913, but the project was completed according to his designs, and when the station opened in 1925 it was hailed as a grand achievement in urban planning. The monumental style of the building is called Beaux-Arts, and is typical of the architectural era known as the American Renaissance, which combined traditional neoclassic styles with modern technology.

The centerpiece of Union Station is the magnificent 20,000 square-foot Great Hall with its five-story, 218 foot long barrel-vaulted and sky lighted atrium ceiling. 18 massive Corinthian columns uphold the atrium ceiling, and the east wall is dominated by two sculptures representing the 24-hour nature of railroading, one holding a rooster signifying day and the other holding an owl signifying night. The southern entrance to the Great Hall from Canal Street features the Grand Staircase, made famous in numerous motion pictures and television shows.

Recent renovations to the Great Hall have made it a popular venue for receptions, weddings, vendor promotions and institutional events.